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book stackAs the name implies, MintFirsts aspires to offer truly fine copies of collectible editions. Our focus is on 19th and 20th century literature. Beyond this, we venture into anything that is out of the ordinary; be it artistic or scientific, highbrow or popular, mainstream or unorthodox. The majority of our books are in English, but we also carry select titles in other European languages.
We pride ourselves on the accuracy and completeness of our book descriptions. Whether a modestly priced proof or a rare antiquarian item, we always strive to give you the full picture. Hence, besides describing a copy's condition, we commonly provide bibliographical details, and make reference to a title's literary significance.
Our stock consists of nearly 5000 books, many signed or inscribed. They are currently waiting in line to have their pictures taken. With dozens of items being added to the website every week, we expect most of our inventory to be available online by the end of 2025.