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Welcome to MintFirsts. We specialize in literary first editions, with an emphasis on modernism. Our diverse stock includes select works from the arts and sciences.

  • Free worldwide delivery for high value orders.
  • All major credit (debit etc.) cards accepted.
  • Cardless payment options in 7 currencies.

The greenest bookstore
on the web

In an age when websites are killing the planet, we strive to keep our carbon footprint exceptionally low:
  • The web is obese, our web pages are not. They are lean and optimized, only transferring an average 0.25 MB per page load, despite containing high quality images.
  • Less bright on screen, less dark on paper: a simple design principle we adhere to, one that saves electricity as well as printer consumables. Every little bit helps!
  • Our energy-efficient server infrastructure is hosted in a data centre powered by renewable sources.
  • Bitcoin and similar mining-extracted cryptocurrencies are terrible for the environment. We shall therefore never accept them as a means of payment.
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